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Kodachrome was the trademark used by Kodak for a series of related color films , manufactured beginning in and ending in Color photography began in the late 19th century, with systems requiring three exposures with color-separation filters. Of the processes developed in the s which replaced Autochrome, Kodachrome was the most successful. Kodak began researching color imaging in its laboratories as early as , and experimented with a number of color processes; but none had proved fully satisfactory although one primitive two-color process did give rise to the first use of the name “Kodachrome”. Mees was persuaded to support the research of Leopold Godowsky, Jr. This aspect of Kodachrome remained consistent through its entire history, and means that a Kodachrome slide will have its image visible in slight relief on the emulsion side. The new Kodachrome film reached the market in April , in the form of a 16mm movie film. Kodachrome movie film soon became available in 35mm width; then in , the 35mm film was made available for still cameras too. It was an early use of Kodak’s brand-new metal disposable cartridge, introduced for its high-end Kodak Retina camera. The need for fine grain when when projecting small frames, and the loss of sensitivity caused by the color-filter interlayers, meant that early Kodachrome had a particularly slow film speed —approximately ISO

60 year old Kodachromes

Color Photography Awards. Please see below for a complete list of consulted sources. This page was created on the occasion of the Awards. From these negatives, positives are made and projected on top of each other, through the same color filtration, to produce an image. This is a complex procedure and the viewing method is not ideal.

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Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by craigd , Aug 10, I have no idea what camera or lens was used to create these images, nor exactly when they were taken or by who — or even who the people in the pictures are. They were definitely taken with a classic manual camera, though. This is a set of 18 Kodachrome slides that I found recently in a Kodak slide carousel that was owned by my mother who died more than 20 years ago.

From the styles of hair, clothes, and cars, I would guess they date from around , give or take a few years. I assume they had some significance to my mom; presumably she knew the people at the time, and it’s even possible that she took the pictures, though there’s no proof of that.


Recently, I have started going through the piles of 35mm slides we have in storage. It is quite a process however, these have been a little easier than the machine prints. Over three weeks I was able to process all 7, slides from the s. I quickly found that in organizing mounted slides, there is more information available to you than just the content of the image itself.

British filmmaker Lee Shulman has curated Kodachrome slides, dating back to the s, into a new book.

Anyone who has tried to organize photos , especially vintage pictures, has had this dilemma, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a trained professional photo organizer. Recently we asked our colleagues, members of The Photo Managers , to share their tips and tricks for dating problematic photos. Their answers are helpful and eye-opening. Before you get started it can help to have some tools handy…your photo detective bag of tricks that is. Get a list of my favorite tools for organizing printed photos here.

If you get lucky, the back of the photo can give clues to location or date. If you are really lucky someone has written down some identifying information people, place, event, date for you. Congratulations, you have just won the photo detective jackpot! Take the writing with a grain of salt though. I recently found a family photo with 3 people identified on the back.

How to Date Photos When Even Your Family Can’t Remember Them!

I have to keep in mind some of you reading this may have never even touched a roll of film in your life! One of the choices you had to make when picking out a box of film was how many exposures you wanted. Usually they came in divisibles of 12 — so 12, 24 or 36 images or exposures were most popular. Okay, so now we are back to those funny little numbers that are usually printed somewhere on your old slides.

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Dating kodak slides – Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. be purchased a digital format, slide mounts kodachrome and the paper or.

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Kodachrome Slide Number help needed

Since early it has been produced only in 35mm slide film format, in one speed, ISO Kodachrome has been through many incarnations and undergone four major developing process changes over the years; the current is the K process. Kennedy just 90 seconds before his assassination in Because of both the longevity and the tonal range of Kodachrome colors, Kodachrome has been used by professional photographers like Alex Webb and Steve McCurry.

There are basically three kinds of scanners to scan photographic slides which are A Kodachrome slide (dating from s), scanned in dpi, without and​.

This directory contains scans of about 35mm color slides taken by my late father-in-law H. William Stolmack. Bill and Molly’s slides were not well organized when I inherited them in Most of the slides are Kodachrome, and most of those survived the passing years well. Some used other color processes and are now badly faded. The slides were not well cared for, and I didn’t perform extensive per-slide cleanup before scanning, so many of the scans show scatches or dirt.

He took slides through the early s, but then switched to prints.

If prints were made from slides in 1960, would the lab have done the following?

A photo shows two women sitting in someone’s teal-colored living room, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and laughing uproariously at something off-camera. It’s not clear why, but they seem to be having a great time. British filmmaker Lee Shulman says it’s one of his favorite images in ” Midcentury Memories: The Anonymous Project ,” a new book he curated that brings together Kodachrome slides dating back to the s.

It’s almost uplifting. The photo shows two women sitting in someone’s teal-colored living room, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and laughing uproariously at something off-camera. Kodachrome slides are rectangular pieces of color reversal film encased in cardboard that were loaded into slide projectors and beamed onto walls.

With red border slides it is difficult to give an exact date. Red Border Kodachromes in most cases were not date stamped. This slide table is an excellent guide.

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Kodachrome Alien Slides & The Pheasant Hunters